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Waverley Lim

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About Waverley

Waverley Lim is a fiery Filipina fighter, actress, producer, dancer, and stunt woman based out of Los Angeles. As a little girl, Waverley would watch Mulan every day where early on she knew . . . she was destined to be a warrior princess. Her love for the stage began at a young age as a hip-hop dancer in Miami where she performed for NFL and NBA halftime shows and in music videos for artists, such as Flo Rida and Daddy Yankee. During high school, her spidey-senses kicked in as she felt a gravitational pull to Los Angeles that was just too strong for her to resist. 


She recently graduated from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television with a B.A in Theater with an emphasis in Acting and a Film Minor. Growing up around the performing arts also led her to discover her love for makeup where she served as a Maybelline Brand Ambassador at UCLA to promote diversity, versatility, and inclusivity both within the makeup community and on campus. While in college, she collaborated with a group of all women students to create a devised theater piece entitled, The Women’s Project, centered around the experience of being a young woman in today’s society which explores themes of womanhood, duality, and sexuality. 


Her passion for uplifting the voices of women and other marginalized communities lead her to create her own comic book series with a team of all Asian women called, The Mask of Haliya, about a Filipina-American superhero with its roots in Filipino mythology. Her mission in life is to tell stories that inspire and empower women from all walks of life that they too can be the hero of their own story. 


When she hangs up her cape for the day, you’ll most likely catch her facetiming her dog, perfecting her spicy cucumber salad recipe, or indulging in her ultimate kryptonite: reality competition shows.

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