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Violet Morris

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About Violet

     I am Violet Morris (she/her). I grew up in the Bay Area, under the watchful eye of Mount Tamalpais and the Golden Gate Bridge. I am an actor and younger sister, which seems to be where I learned to take direction. I also love to craft. I can waste a lot of time in a Michael’s Crafts or Joann’s Fabrics. I’d put money on the fact that that original Michael and Joann were probably pretty similar to me: I bet they also got into crafting by sewing clothing for their American Girl dolls. Maybe in 40 years, people will be buying crafts supplies from a store called
     I am a recent graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television. I minored in History, but steered clear of any kind of consistency and took a wide variety of history classes. As a result, I know a little bit about the French Revolution, Ancient Egyptian religion, jazz history, and the making of The Godfather. I love to learn and that has driven everything I do in my artistic life. I am an avid user of Goodreads and love a good Wikipedia rabbit hole. And all this talk of history was the long way to the confession that I am a huge Shakespeare nerd. I was Viola in Twelfth Night when I was 13, and not to flex too hard, but the dress I wore in the show was one I sewed for myself for my 7th grade Renaissance Fair.

     When I’m not performing or crafting, I am probably driving my little red car to the beach, because I’ve found that everything seems a little brighter after a dunk in the Pacific Ocean. I’d love to connect and talk about theater and performance or just about your favorite Wikipedia
page, American Girl doll, or crochet stitch (mine are as follows: the Titanic, Samantha Parkington, jasmine stitch).

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