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Ri Oken

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About Ri

     Classically and professionally trained, Ri Oken has acting experience both on screen and on the stage. They currently study acting at UCLA School of Theater Film and Television and will graduate with a B.A. in theater this spring, 2022. They have worked on short films, classical plays, contemporary plays, even music videos, and are currently working as a lead actor on an indie horror feature film. 

     They have trained with Jean-Louis Rodrigue, Paul Wagar, Tom O’connor, Michael Hackett, Alex Wright, and Marylin Fox, among others, studying Alexander Technique, physical and psychological systems of acting, dialects, and voice and speech, to name a few. Their training has focused on both film and stage acting.

     Their most recent credits include Garrett (lead) in the play Bad Trip directed and written by Zachary Dushenko, and the roles of  both Dr. Philip Melanchthon and Leonard in A Tissue of Lies by Brad Mays.

     Ri believes that film and television directly impact and help shape the society around us, and wants to be a part of stories  that speak deeply to wide masses of people. They want to help create art that helps to create the kind of society we want to live in. As a gender-nonconforming and queer individual, they hope to raise up the voices of underrepresented people, while speaking truth to everyone. Growing up in Florida, they never thought that they’d be where they are now literally in L.A., or figuratively, and they are so beyond excited to continue on their journey of collaboration and art, genuine human connection, acting (of course), and life, through laughter, tears, and god knows what the hell else.

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