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Rachel Stubington

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About Rachel

Rachel has been seeking constant external validation from the ripe age of five, which quickly led her to musical theatre. It wasn’t until she played Maria in “The Sound of Music” that she learned she actually wasn’t a very good singer and should probably just stick to acting. She is currently living off of caffeine and Gogurt as a senior at UCLA, studying acting. Rachel feels that it is crucial to add that she was an ugly child which forced her into being funny. This love for comedy led to her studying at both the Groundlings and Second City. Her passion for sketch comedy can be seen on display in UCLA’s annual Spring Sing, a comedy/music showcase that reaches a target audience of 17,000. Furthermore, she is the recent recipient of the George Burn’s comedy scholarship. 
She can most currently be seen playing the role of April on HBO Max’s “Generation.” She has starred in a wide array of UCLA thesis films and plays, working hands-on with talented up-and-coming directors and performers. She is always excited to blend her love for comedy and acting and is grateful for the characters she has been able to embody that allow her to do so. She hopes to either work at Saturday Night Live or star on a sitcom, but her backup plan is to marry rich.

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