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Nicholas Rodriguez

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About Nicholas

Hi! My name is Nick and I’m a California Kid.
I’m an outgoing, charismatic, spontaneous, student of the world who falls in love with people and ideas from all walks of life. I strive to tell stories that I not only relate to but make me feel more human than anything else. While at UCLA I’ve been in a variety of works such as: Bent by Martin Sherman, She Kills Monsters by Qui Ngyuen, Little Shop of Horrors, among
other devised pieces like Hundreds of Stories, Dichotomy, and Sunshine: A new musical. Storytelling is the catalyst into another world, another life; sharing this with others I believe brings us closer than anything.
I’m a big family guy who is very close with my Salvadoran father and my Italian mother. The Latin runs deep for my sister and I. My mother and father taught me lessons as a youth that have given me a strong foundation for my life.
I never liked school but I love to learn. I never thought I would go to college, let alone go to college to become a better artist. I love competition which is why I was an athlete for so many years. Competing in Soccer, Baseball, Cross Country, Track, Swimming, Basketball, and even Tennis.
I love going fast. Whether it’s on my skateboard, in a car, or just using my two feet. I accept change but don’t necessarily love it. I’m a big learner from mistakes, maybe because I’ve made so many over time. Mainly because I believe each mistake is a lesson in disguise.

When I’m not working on a show, script, or my radio show/podcast. I tap into my several first loves; Nintendo video games from my retro collection, Christopher Nolan and Federico Fellini Movies, as well as music I’m feeling at the moment which could potentially be the Commodores, J. Cole, and Blood Orange.
I live my life cherishing the human experience and everything that comes with it by falling more and more in love with the journey each day. and making friends along the way. That’s the only way I like to live.

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