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Madelyn Rose Davis

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About Madelyn

Madelyn first started her career in the arts singing “Happy Birthday” at a
community theater audition, and somehow now works teaching little kids how to sing! Since then, she has honed her skills enough to act in various department shows during her time at UCLA’s school of Theater, Film, and Television, most memorably playing Janine in Wajdi Mouawad’s Scorched. She has also starred in several films including Dinner Date and Constellations, produced independently. Madelyn is a lover of teaching and learning, seizing every opportunity to prove others wrong or to be proven wrong. As the oldest of four girls, she is responsible to a fault, ensuring that everyone is taken care of and that all the dishes are washed.
She was raised in the Bay Area and firmly believes that there is no better
place to grow up. She is immeasurably appreciative of the unwavering support of her family. Without their requests for her to perform at every family gathering, she may have never discovered her affinity for the arts! When she isn’t entertaining or educating, Madelyn can be found slacklining at a local park or making ridiculous Youtube videos for her 56 subscribers.

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