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Lucy Krubiner

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About Lucy

     When not on the stage, I feel most at home in the audience of a theater and spend a lot of my time seeing plays in London, New York and Los Angeles. While my pitch statement would tell you I am “an intense, stoic, yet vulnerable leading lady who ranges from approachable, sensitive goofball to reserved and wise sage”, there is much more to me (though yes, the rumors are true, I am very wise). I have an insane knowledge of musical theatre and was recently put to the test on The Great Broadway Game Show Competition podcast with Todd Graff and Andrew Lippa, (spoiler alert: my team won and I am very proud, so this is my self promo), if you want to listen to my victory, the podcast is available on most streaming platforms.
     I was born and raised in Los Angeles by two New Yorkers, so not only do I understand traffic on a spiritual level but I can also find you the best bagel, knish, or slice of pizza you’ve ever had. More importantly, when I was an infant, someone told my mother I looked just like Judi Dench. Really, that should tell you everything you need to know about me. Because I have to be well rounded and not just pour every waking second into acting, here is a bit more about me: I figure skate. I used to do it competitively, but now it acts as a fun way to get exercise and ground myself if I’m feeling off. I am a born and bred cat person, but that’s simply because I’ve never had a dog. I am a much bigger fan of buying books than I am of actually reading them, but I’m working on that.

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