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Jessica Arielle Friedman

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Demo Reel
About Jessica

     An angel to my parents, a devil to my older sister, but always a snarky, smart, self-aware girl. Between undergrad classes and acclaimed performances at UCLA playing dynamic ingenues, bad-ass bitches, and quirky sidekicks, I wrote Brewin Mishegas, an autobiographical sitcom based on my college experience. I’m going to Sylvester Stallone the shit out of it and sell it with myself attached as the lead actress. And if you haven’t guessed from the partially Yiddish sitcom show title, this Jewish girl from the suburbs of Westchester, New York has an insane amount of chutzpah and comedic training. 

     I am also an untrained/unpaid therapist to my friends and a standout jock forced into early retirement, whose passion for acting and writing was piqued after shadowing my commercial editor grandparents. When I’m not playing “real under imaginary circumstances”, I’m re-watching The Way Way Back for the millionth time (not exaggerating), wallowing in the misery of being a die-hard Mets fan, and pretending I can learn karate from watching Cobra Kai.

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