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Gwenn Hope Rodriques

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About Gwenn

     Gwenn Hope is a “born to be a California Girl”, originally from Boston, Massachusetts. With a dream of moving to LA to pursue a career in acting, she moved across the country to prove that her so called fantasy dream was actually possible. While at UCLA, she started her theatre career under a sheet as a Chorus member in Medea and then received the opportunity of playing Ann in Edward Albee’s Homelife her senior year. Gwenn was also a part of creating a devised piece where the cast of Hundred Stories told the stories of their family members and ancestors as a ‘Thank You’ to them.  

     Gwenn is fascinated with film making, the editing, cinematography, directing, and the entire process of creating a movie. She finds that the movies that inspire her to be the person she is, are ones that contain strong female characters that go above and beyond the limits that people have chosen for them. She has always found herself observing the world around her which has led her to love writing: screenplays, short films, and plays. She currently is working on a play, reflecting the life of her father based on true stories from her family’s life, telling of a family of sixteen that struggled through poverty, abuse, and being taken away at a young age only to be brought back together by their mother.     

     Gwenn is a diehard Red Sox fan, loyal friend, and lover of art. She enjoys painting, creating music, and driving to her closet Dunkin’ Donuts to get a medium iced coffee with caramel swirl, cream and one sugar.

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