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Carson Wolff

Demo Reel
About Carson

Carson Wolff’s love of storytelling was sparked at a young age while pretending to be a superhero in the backyard with his three older siblings. One of his greatest accomplishments was writing, developing, and starring in his own audioplay at UCLA, having to learn how to edit
and record sound and dialogue all within a 10 week quarter. He also has a passion for visual and graphic arts, and being a self proclaimed board game fanatic, he has even created and designed his own card game called Ruze. He loves to learn and practice new accents and
dialects, recently trying to learn Scottish after he binged Outlander on Netflix. He remains an animal lover, even after having to deal with the struggles of pulling a stubborn goat through the desert in a spaghetti western that he starred in. He loves running and dancing, but was forced to take a break last summer when he badly sprained his ankle practicing competitive jump roping. No, really! And he still gets tripped up doing the toad!

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