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Amelia-Ogechi Anijielo

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Demo Reel
About Amelia-Ogechi

Born and raised in Southern California to the rhythms of Afrobeats, Jazz, and Neo-Soul. Amelia-Ogechi (Oh-gay-Chee) Anijielo (Ani-gel-Lo) is a Nigerian-American actress who is a recent graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles. Anijielo received her B.A degree in Theater as an Acting emphasis and a B.A in African-American Studies.

As a darker-skinned full-figured Black woman, she finds it critical to cultivate creative work that centers around visibility, inclusivity, and liberation as a form of self-love. When she is not creating films or pondering world peace, she is cracking her 20th joke of the day or making experimental meals with family and friends. Anijielo is in love with the art of creation, which can be expressed through her production of R&B and Lo-Fi music or drawing her famous stick
figures for a shot list.


Amelia-Ogechi Anijielo hopes she can create a path with her work, demonstrating how dreams and aspirations are never too small to achieve and become imaginable.

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