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Achintya Pandey

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About Achintya

When Achintya reached the ripe young age of 12, he was asked to make the choice that all Indian kids must one day make: engineer or doctor. His answer shocked the world. It made sense to his family though; he had been making jokes since he learned to talk, dancing since he was in 2nd grade, and acting since middle school (although his dramatic nature was always present). When his peers went to the local public high school, Achintya transferred to an arts high school an hour and a half away from home. His diligence paid off, and he soon found himself pursuing his dreams at UCLA’s school of Theater, Film, and Television, studying Theater with an emphasis in Acting. UCLA opened doors to a unique blend of education and opportunities. Achintya performed in multiple TFT productions (culminating in a lead role in Everybody his junior year), joined Spring Sing’s Company (a group of the brightest comedic minds at UCLA), and acted with the Shakespeare Company. He also started his own sketch comedy troupe, ZipZapZop, which created a series of ads for a local startup, Duffl. Achintya grew in these artistic pursuits all while maintaining a record of academic excellence, graduating two quarters early. Now 21, and armed with the tools and education that his journey has provided him, Achintya’s answer to what he wants to be rings just as true as it did all those years ago: an actor.

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